Solidarity wildcat on Merseyrail, Deliveroo update, and upcoming events

Imagine! Bosses actually base their contingency plan on unionised workers crossing a picket line, so now they think you’re all scabs. Whether you’re in a union or not, there’s no excuse. Thank you for not scabbing.

Cautiously pessimistic

In case you missed it, the huge railway strike yesterday saw a great bit of solidarity on Merseyrail, as drivers affiliated to ASLEF – who weren’t officially striking – refused to cross the picket lines of their coworkers who were.

There’s a great video of the head of Merseyrail apologising for his workforce’s refusal to scab:

The Plan C website has an update on the Leeds Deliveroo struggle, including this latest statement from the riders involved:

“Friday was a great display of solidarity, with riders from Deliveroo and fellow members of the labour movement out in equally impressive numbers.

Several of the Leeds 7 received significant increases in hours after the protest on Friday night – we are hopeful the second of the terminated riders will have their contract reinstated by Monday.

This has proved to us that with continued pressure on the company, and solidarity from all…

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