Simon Chapman, A Very Distinguished Fucking Anarchist

the void


Over the last couple of days the strangest thought has plagued me.  Two simple ugly words have kept emerging, only for me to lock them out and ridicule them as bizarre.  Simon’s dead.  Just to write it down feels like treachery.  Part of me looks forward to seeing him, to sharing a drink and dispelling this nonsense.  He’d say something wry, and witty and that would be that.  He was good like that.  Was.  Sometimes the shittiest word to ever have to use about a friend.

As part of a (temporary, and self-imposed) exile from all politics, I didn’t know his health had deteriorated so much.  We weren’t the kind of friends who lived out of each other’s pockets.  There are many who were closer to him than me and I wish them all my love.  But for almost 15 years he was always there.  At crap protests and good…

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Red & Black Telly: WHY ALL THIS ” JUMP ON TRUMP” ?

Reason, creativity and freedom: the communalist model

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Republished from ROAR Magazine. AUTHOR: Eleanor Finley. Photo: Julien Lagarde.

Whether the twenty-first century will be the most radical of times or the most reactionary … will depend overwhelmingly upon the kind of social movement and program that social radicals create out of the theoretical, organizational, and political wealth that has accumulated during the past two centuries… The direction we select … may well determine the future of our species for centuries to come.

Murray Bookchin, The Communalist Project (2002)

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, devastating images and memories of the First and Second World Wars flood our minds. Anti-rationalism, racialized violence, scapegoating, misogyny and homophobia have been unleashed from the margins of society and brought into the political mainstream.

Meanwhile, humanity itself runs in a life-or-death race against time. The once-unthinkable turmoil of climate change is now becoming reality, and no serious attempts are…

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Anarchy by the Sea! Dorset Radical Bookfair 3rd June 2017

Uber-pissed off: drivers in dispute from Delhi to Doha

Cautiously pessimistic

Mention the words “Uber” and “strike” together in the English-speaking world and people might be likely to think of the backlash against the company for breaking the New York taxi strike against Trump’s immigration ban. But Uber drivers are far from just being helpless pawns or hardened scabs: at the start of the month, hundreds of NY Uber drivers struck through the same union that organised the airport strike, while the UK’s seen drivers fighting Uber through employment tribunals, as well as the wildcat at the UberEATS food delivery service.

Looking at the global picture, it’s interesting to see that Uber drivers have been getting organised elsewhere: in Delhi, a strike among Uber and Ola drivers over the last few days, responding to conditions that’ve led some cab drivers to suicide, led to the High Court issuing an injunction against drivers who were blocking scab…

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‘A real revolution is a mass of contradictions’: Interview with a Rojava Volunteer

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

by Rojava Solidarity Cluster

In October 2016 Peter Loo travelled to Rojava* to volunteer as an English teacher and participate in work within civil society – the outcome of over 14 months of organising within the Plan C Rojava solidarity cluster. He is currently working for the SYPG campaign in Qamishlo. As well as directly offering his skills Peter has been able to visit places in Rojava and speak to many people as the future of Rojava, and Syria in general, continues to hang in the air. This interview took place late in December 2016.

Hi Peter, we’ve got lots of questions about your experiences so far but perhaps you could explain a little about the history to date for some readers who might not know too many of the details.

Well, we should start by briefly talking about the origins of the revolution. Many people skip over this part…

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