‘Şehîd Ronahî Youth Centre’ to open in London

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

The ‘Şehîd Ronahî Youth Centre’ will open on the 28th of January 2017 with a ceremony in the capital of England, London.

The ceremony is organised by Ciwanên Azad (Free Youth Movement), Jinên Ciwanên Azad UK (Young Free Women’s Movement), YXK UK (Kurdistan Students Union UK) and JXK UK (Women Students for Kurdistan).

Ciwanên Azad UK invited everyone to the opening of the ‘Şehîd Ronahî Youth Centre’ at the Kurdish Community Centre in Green Lanes, describing it as a historic step for the Free Youth Movement (Ciwanen Azad) in the UK as well as the Europe wide Free Youth Movement.

Related statement by Ciwanên Azad UK said the followings:

“We are experiencing a time in which capitalist modernity is fluttering for survival. In its centuries-old hegemony, capitalist modernity and its nation-state system have failed humanity. The youth have been one of the most enslaved sections of society by the patriarchy, strengthened…

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Universal Credit imposing punitive debt repayment

scottish unemployed workers' network


Report from Dundee

When we met John at our stall outside Dundee buroo yesterday he was brimming with frustration. He had recently started a six week job, and had not un-naturally expected his finances to get a bit easier. But John is on Universal Credit. This is reduced by 65p for every pound he earns – which is better than if he were on JSA, though still an absurd effective tax rate – however that was only the beginning of his problems. Over the years John had built up quite a number of debts, as people surviving on precarious employment often do: things like rent and council tax arrears. The expectation has been that people repay these debts in small manageable increments. But Universal Credit seems to be changing all that. The rules are – of course – complicated, and vary with the type of debt, but people with multiple…

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Social strike strategising and microwave moussaka militancy

Cautiously pessimistic

Two quick plugs: first off, registrations are now open for the Transnational Social Strike Assembly that’ll be happening in London in February. The organisers say:

“Following on from meetings in Poznan, Poland and Paris, France, we will be in London over the weekend February 10th-11th 2017 to further open up the debate and discussions. At its core, we seek to develop new forms of collective action, that go beyond national borders, making connections and linking struggles. The emphasis on new transnational forms of organisation and action is central to our practice. The weekend will focus on bringing together migrant, women and labour groups and individuals together.

We are putting together discussions will include:

The End of the Holding Pattern: Welcome to Brexit Europe
Right Populism, Left Nationalism: Migrants and Wages
March 8th Women’s Strike
Migrant Strikes, from US and Italy
How to fight the boss when your boss is…

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Intersectionality and unifying struggles – some tentative thoughts

Dale Farm – handy for Basildon Council to have as a development option

This particular battle is not over yet …

‘Self-employed’ London courier wins holiday pay…

Get stuck in!

London Rebel Drivers

wrtagzThe court ruling might affect other ‘self-employed’ drivers and couriers, too. Fight for your right to party (and rest from work)…


A bicycle courier has won an employment rights case in a ruling which could have implications for the “gig economy”.
A tribunal found that Maggie Dewhurst, a courier with logistics firm City Sprint, should be classed as a worker rather than self-employed.
As a worker, she would be entitled to basic rights including holiday and sick pay and the national living wage.
City Sprint said it was “disappointed” and will review the ruling “in detail”.
While Friday’s decision will only apply to Ms Dewhurst, it highlights the working practices of the so-called “gig economy”, where people are employed by companies on a job-by-job basis.
It is the first of four legal challenges being taken against courier companies, which include Addison Lee, Excel and E-Courier.
The case follows a…

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Stir it up 2017! – Join AngryWorkers’ wicked resolutions

Wishing all our comrades an insurrrectionary new year!

Angry Workers of the World


Dear sisters and brothers,

hope you all good and discontent! we got some things planned for the near future and hope that we can work on it together. If you live in London or close by, feel welcome to stay over for a night or two and get involved in the following. If you live further away, we might come and visit you – read on!

* Poster campaign for local solidarity network
We designed some new posters for weekly drop-ins at the local McDonalds drive-in, in the Park Royal Asda cafe and a tea place in Southall. If you up for a stroll and good with sticky tape, pop by!

* Leaflet and meeting for ready-meal factory workers
We have been working in these factories for a while now and want to try to organise a meeting of interested workers. The company runs three factories and an industrial…

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