The Anarchist Collectives: Workers’ Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution, 1936–1939

La Bataille socialiste

80ème anniversaire de la Révolution espagnole

Livre en anglais édité en 1974, compilant notamment des textes d’Augustin Souchy et Gaston Leval, téléchargeable au format pdf (164 pages):

cliquer sur l’image pour ouvrir le pdf externe


The Spanish Social Revolution has been long neglected in English language works. Its importance as a revolutionary event and model, and as a concrete example of workers’ self-management by the people is just not recognized. My purpose in this collection is to provide an introduction to this unique experience. In my first chapter and friend Bookchin’s introductory essay, a general overview and context is presented. Most important, of course, is that this was a real experience for the people who took part. Through their words and deeds and the observations of the authors used in this collection, it is hoped that the reader will gain a meaningful understanding of the aims and organization…

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