More info on Ledbury hunt’s thug Ross Loader.

Report on Loader’s assault of a hunt sab by Innocent Badger


If you’re a peaceful animal lover you’ll want to steer clear of this nasty little shit so here’s a handy spotter card to help you do so.

A marked man, Ross Loader of Malvern.

A marked man, Ross Loader of Malvern.

You might also want to give his business Broadleaf Tree Care at The Barn California Lane, Welland, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NQ a wide berth.

Email: Tel: 07971 200 960 or 01684 311 420 facebook

Some web directories still give Loader’s old address 34 Wyche Road Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 4EG. However he sold this address on 20th April 2016, it fetched the princely sum of £200,000, so he was able to buy this nice new truck in July.



When we identify his other vehicle/s we’ll put them up here so you can avoid them too – contact us in confidence.


You might want to get rid of the coat, Ross

Loader is employed as a ‘terrierman’ by the Ledbury hunt, to dig out and drive foxes from cover, a practice that has been illegal for over a decade. The last frame above shows him legging it when told to “fuck off now” by one of his mounted masters.


Anyone recognise the other prick?

What is the role of terriermen in ‘trail hunting’?

Terriermen arrive, loader bottom right.

Terriermen arrive, loader bottom right, prick two top right; all three were wearing identical jackets.

Loader has a long association with Little Malvern & Welland Parish Council.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 20th May 2013 record: “The Clerk was also to contact Ross Loader to add more wood chippings to the base of the climbing frame and to trim the lower branches of the silver birches by the war memorial.” On Monday 19th August 2013: “The Clerk was to contact Ross Loader for advice on how to remove the two willows near the war memorial.” As of 21st October 2013 “The Clerk was [still] waiting to hear from Mr Ross Loader about the removal of the willows outside the village hall, but £150 was allocated to the project.” The Minutes however record that Broadleaf Tree Care was paid £600.00 for Grass Cutting.

As recently as 2015 the council paid Loader £345 for grass cutting. If you object to public money funding mr Loader’s animal abuse fetish you can contact the Parish Clerk David Sharp, 20 Farley Road Malvern Worcestershire WR14 1NF. Tel & Fax 01684 573213

Email or use their contact form to demand they sever their association with this wanker. Remind them there are plenty of other tree surgeons in Malvern

Another of Loader’s customers is Gloucester Rugby Club. In August 2015 he was employed to pollard some lime trees at their Kingsholm stadium.

Contact Mr Shaun Roberts, Operation Manager, Gloucester Rugby ltd, Kingsholm stadium, GL1 3AX. Tel: 0871 871 8781 Twitter: @sir1969 @gloucesterrugby

If you hear of anybody using this company please prevail upon them to take their business elsewhere.


  1. Hiya, I have had a response from the Stadium in respect of your Loader Terrier Man request to write to them an Welland Council (whom I have not heard from). The former adked me to send a link to information so I sent him this site’s details, as per your FB page.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Many people are writing let’s hope this nasty man does not dupe anymore people. Just think of horrified house owners when they learn who they have asked to cut their trees.


  2. emailed them! vile cretin, hope his employment with these companies/councils is ended with immediate effect!


    • received today
      “Dear MIss Cordner

      We acknowledge receipt of your email but due to it’s possible defamatory contents we can only respond that your comments have been noted.


      Little Malvern & Welland Parish Council”


      • Oh dear! Whatever did you say to them? Ask them what that apostrophe’s doing there!

        Maybe he’s a freemason. Those council minutes are in the public domain, it’s probably the tip of the iceberg, a bit more digging should show how much they pay him in a year.

        This has been a very popular post, if we keep up the pressure we should teach him a lesson, and the hunt.

        We get so many reports of hunts being full of cops, magistrates, judges, clergy and politicians we don’t bother to post most of them. This is why the law isn’t enforced. Only direct action can stop it.


      • The apostrophe is there to indicate possession, and 99% of the time “it’s” should have an apostrophe because it is a contraction. You should raise your grammar Nazi game


      • The possessive adjective its isn’t a contraction and therefore doesn’t take an apostrophe, this is precisely to distinguish it from the contracted verb combinations it is and it has (it’s). We couldn’t actually give a fuck, but you’d expect the parish clerk to know these things.


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