Trial results – Repression

Calais Migrant Solidarity

After new and new delays, nearly a year of waiting, the appeals court of Douai, which took place on October 19, finally gave the verdict for a friend charged and tried on December 14, 2015 for charges associated with participating and organizing riots in November 2015 (link, link, link). An earlier court ruled not-guilty for 2 of the three charges. The appeals court gave a verdict of “guilty” on three charges, with a suspended sentence of one year of prison.

Outraged about once again the “justice” trying to fence in our lives, we are outraged about the racism of the charges and the repressions of people who choose to associate with those outside their race and papers status. Claiming that it requires a young white person to incite people of colour – who have made revolutions in their countries, fought wars, have fled their countries…

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