Police killing of Yassar Yaqub in West Yorkshire brings angry response

How long did it take ’em to ‘find’ a gun in the car? ACAB

Cautiously pessimistic

I’ve not been able to find any first-hand accounts or anything like that of the situation, but the Bradford Telegraph & Argus has a write-up, and there’s a bit more from the BBC. I won’t link to it, but I see the usual police/media operation of digging up any possible dirt on the victim is already in full swing. And as a reminder, if you hear of something like this going on in your area, and have a bit of time to prepare: it’s a good idea to print off a bunch of bustcards – Green & Black Cross have a selection, with this being the most relevant for the West Yorkshire area – and if you can buy a decent-sized amount of fabric from a market or somewhere, it doesn’t take much effort with a pair of scissors to turn it into a big pile of scarves/masks…

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