Lessons from the Lucas Plan – Don’t waste working class creativity on Labour and the state

Angry Workers of the World

Some of us take part in the ’40 years of Lucas Plan’ conference in Birmingham

See leaflet below


One of our grandfathers was a manual worker at Lucas in the Bedford battery plant during the 1970s. He arrived from Punjab in the 1960s and worked in industrial jobs until his retirement. Like many other manual workers, he was left pretty untouched by the Lucas Plan at the time. While this might seem like an individual story, behind it lies more general problems. In light of the current resurgence of leftist politics trying to rekindle trust into the Labour party (or other parties) amongst workers, we want to use the opportunity to write down some basic thoughts on the subject…

1) The Lucas Plan was proof of workers’ potential to run production themselves, with the wider social and environmental good in mind.

2) The Lucas Plan was also proof…

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