How The Priory/CAMHS’s Treatment lead to the death of George Werb.


‘I feel completely brain fried 20mg was too much for me and someone should have protected me from myself’. ‘By the way this is the only time in my life I ever strongly felt that suicide was the only option’.

George was referring to his enforced anti psychotic olanzapine.

He had continually asked the dosage be reduced, as had his parents.

The day before his death, George tried to negotiate a reduction, in return for the Prozac his consultant had added .

And despite this psychiatrist, rarely, making notes of his consultations, preferring ‘an oral hand over’, he did take the time to record;

’I tried to persuade him that olanzapine was the answer to his problems not the cause’

George had thought he was suffering from various diseases since he was 13, his parents had sought help from various professionals, but had got no where, and were never offered therapy.

Eventually, after…

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