Brexit means the sky is falling: how Aufheben learned to stop worrying and love the EU

One Maoist group recently explained that globalisation of capital was an essential part of the development of productive forces and one cannot turn the clock back. They even had a quote from Engels from 1842 to back it up. I think they want capitalism to succeed so they can take it over as a going concern.

Cautiously pessimistic


“In these circumstances… victory or defeat, in political as well as economic terms, comes down to a hopeless choice between two kinds of beatings for the European working classes.” – Rosa Luxemburg

Aufheben, the long-running Brighton-based theoretical journal, recently published a lengthy, in-depth analysis of the issues around Brexit. I found it to be an impressively confused, patronising, and occasionally dishonest piece of writing, one that I would broadly summarise as putting across the message that “everything about the EU is good all the time and everyone who has issues with the EU is just a Telegraph-reading posho who doesn’t understand Marxist theory properly and has never done a day’s class struggle in their life.”

But to go into slightly more detail about my issues with it:

Near the start of the article, Aufheben set out a history of government attempts to limit the rights of EU migrants, noting…

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