Notes on the material basis of racism, nationality and solidarity

Cautiously pessimistic

Derek Simpson with some friends.The Angry Workers of the World collective (AWW) recently set out some thoughts on the legacy of the 1970s US-based group, Sojourner Truth Organisation (STO). I’d recommend reading their piece even if you don’t know the STO from a hole in the ground, because their thoughts on racial/national division and the material factors that produce “bad ideas” are really useful for anyone trying to get to grips with the situation we face at the moment.

Here are a few further notes on some of the points they raise:

One point that the AWW make is that “the major movements in the US have largely been by black Americans protesting against cop/state violence whereas protests, riots and demonstrations over here have not had ‘race’ explicitly as their focus… In recent years, street movements and violence against the cops/state in many European cities have been more explicitly a reaction to nose-diving…

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