AngryWorkers on Sojourner Truth Organisation: Some Thoughts

Angry Workers of the World


We were asked to write about how we relate to the 1970s American revolutionary group, Sojourner Truth Organisation (STO). Amongst other things, they were involved in workplace organising and developed thinking around race and white skin privilege. For more information about them you go to their excellent and informative archive:

We agree with Noel Ignatiev when he says that the workplace organising phase of STOs political legacy is the most valuable. When we came across STO around a year ago, they immediately struck a chord with us because we are trying to do something similar in west London. We try to be a bit ‘strategic’ in where we get jobs, in sectors we find politically interesting because of its class composition. We decided to get jobs in some of the bigger factories and warehouses located in London’s hinterland – workplaces that are crucial to supplying this hungry city. These…

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Updates on eviction in Calais

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Live updates: Information about police repression and racist controls around the eviction in Calais

Fil d’actualité: Information sur les répressions policière et les contrôles racistes autour des expulsion du Bidonville a Calais

Vidéos et photos sur le Facebook Polyvalence sur


7:51 Afficher effectuer a l’entrer du bidonville: Présence interdites au nom de l’ état d’ urgence, six mois prison, 7500 euro d’ amande

7:51 Order at the entrance of the jungle under the state of emergency,. Unathorized presence 6 month prison and 7500 euro fine

9:30 Contrôles d’identité et fouilles à la gare des personnes présumé*e*s d’être migrant*e*s et dans le parc en face de la marie

9:30 ID controls at the train station and in the parc infront of the town hall of people who are presumed to be migrants

9:53 Contrôle badge et identité pour rentrer a la Jungle

9:53 Badge and identity controls for entering…

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They Are Coming For The Internet – New Porn and Copyright Laws Could Criminalise Millions

the void

facepalmIf you ever needed confirmation that the UK is not run by a shadowy cabal of sinister plotters but a bunch of chinless fucking idiots then the upcoming Digital Economy Bill is a good place to start.

As well as massively increasing personal information sharing amongst government departments, the proposed new laws will seek to ensure that all pornographic content available on the internet in the UK carries an age verification system.   The bill will also introduce new copyright legislation which could mean that simply sharing or retweeting an internet meme, such as the one that accompanies this post, could mean prosecution with a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.  Really.

According to the government age-verification is necessary to protect children from the danger of online porn.  And wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy.  The reality is that this bill will do nothing to stop teenagers…

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Aberfan: politicising tragedy

against the wall

Content notes: This discusses the Aberfan Disaster, including potentially upsetting details. It also discusses various issues around mental health in detail, including grief and trauma and mentions suicide, depression and anxiety.


Approaching the 50th anniversary, the most common feeling within the community is a desire to move on. ‘We like to see October go out’, let’s get October out of the way, let’s carry on with our lives. This is what the community has done for the last 50 years. With incredible strength, people have lived in a way that resembles life in any other part of the Valleys. People pass reminders of the Disaster on their way out of the village to work; an aging population goes about its business; post-industrial decay affects us like it does any working class community. This is what people have always done: in the weeks that followed the Disaster, pubs remained open, milk deliveries were on time…

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