Harmful History of Neuroleptics-antipsychotics

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image029Preclinical Use

1883 Phenothiazines are developed as synthetic dyes.

1934 USDA develop phenothiazines as insecticides

1949 Phenothiazines shown to hinder rope-climbing in rats.

1950 Rhone Poulenc synthesizes chlorpromazine, a phenothiazine, for use as an anaesthetic.

Clinical History

1954 Chlorpromazine marketed in the US as Thorazine, found to induce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

1955 Chlorpromazine said to induce symptoms similar to encephalitis lethargica.

1959 First reports of permanent motor dysfunction linked to neuroleptics, later named tardive dyskinesia

1960 French physicians describe a potentially fatal toxic reaction to neurocepltics later named neurocelpetic malignant syndrome.

1962 California Mental Hygiene Department determines that chlorpromazine and other neuroleptics prolong hospitalisation.

1964 Neuroleptics found to impair learning in animals and humans.

1965 A one year follow up of NIMH collaborative study finds drug treated patients more likely than placebo patients to be rehospitalised .

1968 In a drug withrawal study NIMH find a…

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