AngryWorkers on Sojourner Truth Organisation: Some Thoughts

Angry Workers of the World


We were asked to write about how we relate to the 1970s American revolutionary group, Sojourner Truth Organisation (STO). Amongst other things, they were involved in workplace organising and developed thinking around race and white skin privilege. For more information about them you go to their excellent and informative archive:

We agree with Noel Ignatiev when he says that the workplace organising phase of STOs political legacy is the most valuable. When we came across STO around a year ago, they immediately struck a chord with us because we are trying to do something similar in west London. We try to be a bit ‘strategic’ in where we get jobs, in sectors we find politically interesting because of its class composition. We decided to get jobs in some of the bigger factories and warehouses located in London’s hinterland – workplaces that are crucial to supplying this hungry city. These…

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