Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

Dear All,

on Sunday 16th October (Sunday coming) we will be meeting at Kingsland Square, St Mary’s, at 2.30pm where we will be setting up our stall. In particular we will be giving out leaflets on “Kick Israel out of UEFA” (Union of European Football Associations).

The aim of this action is to raise awareness about the absurdity and wrongness, of allowing football teams from a non-European country which is occupying Palestinian land and oppressing and dispossessing Palestinians daily, to complete in European football matches as if it were a normal democratic European state like Belgium or the Netherlands. By allowing Israeli teams to compete UEFA is complicit in the normalization of a system of brutal oppression that should be condemned by right-thinking people everywhere.

We are hoping to raise public awareness of this issue prior to Thursday 8th December when the Israeli team Beersheva Maccabi will be coming to Southampton to play the Saints at St Mary’s. This campaign is also supported by Red Card Israeli Racism, Saints Against Apartheid, and Kick Racism Out of Football.

Please attend and support us if you can (e-mail us if you require further information) For further information see:

Red Card Israeli Racism
Their Facebook page
Saints Against Apartheid Facebook Page
Kick Racism Out of Football

Yours sincerely,

Adam Waterhouse Branch Secretary – Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign





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