Deprivation of Liberty Authorisations- Mental Capacity Act enforces Bedlam for life ?



Hundreds of thousands and millions more, have and will, lose their liberty for ever in England and Wales, on the basis of a simple authorisation by Local Authorities.

A standard Deprivation of Liberty authorisation can be issued by any Local Authority.

Nearly a thousand years, after Habeas Corpus ensured citizens could not be imprisoned without due process along came the Mental Capacity Act .

It allows agents of the state via a simple, effectively unopposable, bureaucratic process to remove all freedom for life, for profit.

By secret encagement, total control and enforced medication of our citizens.

All that is needed, for this unimaginable hell, is for the citizen to be 18 or over and suffer from a mental disorder.

And for the Local Authority to suspect, or assess they lack the ‘capacity’ to decide for themselves about ‘the restrictions’, which the state feels it needs to impose upon…

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