Call for a 3rd telephone blockade of Laibaz restaurant, Bolton – this Saturday 20th August 2016, 6pm-10pm

solfedSupport the Campaign against Laibaz Wage Theft

Manchester Solidarity Federation is continuing its dispute with Laibaz restaurant in Bolton. A number of former employees at Laibaz are owed wages for hours worked and holiday entitlement. The owner, Sunar Alom, has paid workers at an hourly rate below the minimum wage and has failed to provide pay slips. Sunar Alom has also failed to provide P45s when workers have left their jobs at Laibaz.

To date we have organised two phone blockades aimed at preventing “take away” orders. The blockades were a tremendous success and we are confident that the restaurant was unable to take orders between the hours of 6pm and 10pm on both days. The workers involved would like to thank supporters for their fantastic effort in making the blockades a success.

Manchester Solidarity Federation’s campaign is aimed at recovering all the monies owed to the workers and ensuring that Sunar Alom acts within the law and treats his employees with more respect in the future.

The campaign therefore continues with a third blockade on Saturday August 20. We shall also be carrying out some actions locally aimed at escalating the dispute.

You can help by repeatedly phoning Laibaz on (141) (01204) 227 649 any time between the hours of 6pm and 10pm in order to block the line and prevent takeaway orders getting through. Should you get through to the restaurant, we ask that you put the phone down and redial, or state “pay the workers what they are owed” and then redial. Remember that the person who answers is most likely another worker, not the owner, so please do not be abusive or hostile towards them.

We urge people to continue their support in order to force Sunar Alom to return the wages he has stolen from the workforce and to prevent him from robbing workers in the future. This kind of contempt for workers is growing in Britain and has to be challenged. We also ask that you spread the blockade to as many of your contacts as possible and to ask them to do likewise.

Dialling (141) before the restaurant’s number will hide your own number so they will have to pick it up each time.


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