Amazon Poland: Over 2000 people want to go on strike but restrictive Polish labor laws prohibit it

Angry Workers of the World


English translation of the German article:
Ralf Ruckus and Jan Podróżny
(June 26, 2016)

PDF-File: RUCKUS_PODROZNY_2016_Amazon-Poland_2000-workers-want-strike

In Germany since 2013, workers organized in the Ver.di trade union at the online mail order business, Amazon, have frequently gone on strike for better working conditions and higher wages. [1] So far these have been the only official strike actions worldwide against the global company. But for over a year, workers at Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Poland, which mainly supply the German market, have been trying to open another strike front.
In a strike ballot in Amazon’s three Polish fulfillment centers near Poznań and Wrocław, which ran from late May to mid-June, about 2,000 workers voted for strike action. But no strike can be carried out under Polish labor law since less than fifty per cent of Amazon’s approximately 5,700 strong total Polish workforce participated in the vote.

The “Workers Initiative” grassroots…

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