Southamptons tidy #keepsotontidy

A good day!

We defer to the local group but we do think the pub should be named. How else can we prevent workers from being exposed to fascists and bigots except by making businesses pay for their mistake?

If you are the proprietor, you are employing people, paying them for their time and telling them what to do, you are responsible, and if you’re too spineless to stand up to the cops it isn’t our problem.


Firstly, we need to say a massive thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to oppose nazis in our city, including all the locals that helped and the AFN groups that came down. Without all of you that turned up yesterday, we wouldn’t have been able to keep the place tidy and nazi free! Massive victory! Thanks, we love you all! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for lots of victory photos from the day!

photo_2016-07-02_23-42-06.jpg SAINTS!

Before the day

As soon as we heard about the far rights intention on marching through Southampton we got the cogs turning in preparation for their trip. We got very busy exposing these nazis for what they are to the communities that we live in (and photoshoping Craig David photos for our Facebook page). We knew early on that SCR (which apparently stands for South Coast Resistance not Shitty Caucasian Rejects) had…

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