South Coast Resistance! Unmasked!


Here we are going to share some information about those behind the racist group coming to our city on July 2nd (counter demo.)

We have decided to make this information available as we feel it is in the public interest to know who is behind this ‘refugees not welcome’ demonstration, and some of the things there are involved in. See our previous post for an overview of the history of South Coast Resistance as a group.

First things first – Information about the main organiser, Jade Griffiths, of ‘South Coast Resistance’ (also called Pie and Mash Squad) was shared by the hacking group ‘HS161’ yesterday following her mocking a deceased activist online. It turns out she is not from the South Coast at all, but is from Coventry where she runs a Nazi punk distribution business with her boyfriend.The whole ‘football casual’ image is a front to disguise her identity…

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