Tragedy and comedy in the UK – A short report

Angry Workers of the World

Union_Jack_Vol_1_3Yesterday’s pig heads, Corbyn-mania, Brexit or business as usual – Tragedy and comedy in the UK – A short report

Dear fellow travellers,

for an international meeting of like-minded rebels we wrote a short report about the situation in the UK. We had little time recently to systematically follow and discuss the wider developments, therefore it ended up as a bit of a selective cut-and-paste job – but people outside of the UK might still find it interesting. This is an update of two earlier papers on the crisis in the UK–-liverpool-september-2014-221020

Given the significance of migration for the UK economy and for the stratification within the local working class we will focus on the issue in a separate paper, which we will add in the comments section of this post. After the recent murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox the media tried to present the murderer…

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