Who The F*ck Are South Coast Resistance?


On July 2nd a bunch of extreme racists and Neo-Nazis who go by the name of ‘South Coast Resistance’ are holding a demonstration in our city. They will march under the banner “Refugees Not Welcome” with the intention of intimidating and harassing local people. We thought it would be helpful to explain the origins of the group, what they stand for, and why it is imperative to publicly oppose them on the streets.

‘South Coast Resistance’ is just the latest name for a group of far right loonies who jump on whatever issue is popular to promote their racist world view. Their journey into radicalisation began through membership in the English Defence League (EDL). Whilst they may well have already been grumpy racists in their homes and down at the local pub, the EDL gave them a voice on the streets. A more organised front allowed them to march…

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