The EU referendum is a toxic pile of shite

What has happened is that a referendum grudgingly granted by the British ruling class for short-term advantage has been snatched back through the offices of their tame media – not least the public broadcaster – with relentless hype about migration. The BRC is already in the doghouse with the Eurocrats and global bourgeoisie for putting them in this dire position. They put their most ridiculous comedy toffs in charge of the leave campaign, no one takes them seriously, but it’s not about their bizarre world-view.

Now on the anniversary of Orgreave everyone’s mourning a politician; a blameless individual we understand but one who nevertheless sat in the house that votes to systematically starve our people at home and rain bombs down on them away; they vote then politely go their separate ways while people die.

We’ve long suspected Britain first was manufactured by the state anyway. Generally speaking the far-right are on retreat, never mind what they post on twitter, the number of people who will actually turn out and fight for fascism is dwindling again, and they are well contained.

It won’t be the BRC that makes the choice, it will be the working class, it’s not a referendum on migration, its against politics from Westminster and Brussels alike. The worst case would be a narrow ‘in’ vote, business as usual for all the politicians, the tories will treat it as a mandate for further austerity, and continue to blame it on migration.


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