From Greenford with Love: Libcom Interview

Angry Workers of the World


Dear libcom crew,

Thanks a lot for inviting us to be interviewed! The answers to your questions are below, but before we start, we would like to take a moment to question your questions! They mainly focus on our collective from the point of view of AngryWorkers as ‘workplace organisers’. While this is one of the main things we try to do, it is not the only thing. We think this workplace ‘pigeonholing’ reflects a more general problem within the UK radical left: namely, a separation between ‘organising activities’ and ‘revolutionary debate or strategy.

As a small collective, we try to bring these essential elements of working class organisation closer together by:

  • gathering experiences and strengthening workers’ self-organisation in workplaces and in the area;
  • reflecting on these experiences within the wider context of class relations, state politics, technological changes, crisis – as part of the research and debate about the…

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