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The hospital funding crisis…. and sleeping in a waiting room – the NHS this week

Sentinel News

By Richard Grimes


A private Surrey-based ambulance company, E-Zec, is to take over the contract to transport hundreds of NHS patients a day across North Staffordshire to hospital.

A terminally ill pensioner missed a potentially life-changing hospital appointment at Bognor Hospital because the transport provided by the private company Coperforma did not turn up.


People are being advised to use alternatives to A&E at the Royal Stoke University Hospital if their condition is not an emergency.

A patient was told by staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham that patients could either leave or sleep overnight in a waiting room as no-one would be seen for seven hours.

Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry is warning city residents to attend A&E only if they have a real medical emergency. The trust has missed the A&E four-hour target for six months in a row.

Northampton General Hospital reported a huge increase…

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Last “whites” of the East End

The revolution will be streamed

So, after a great NUJ meeting with a brilliantly ethnic diverse turn-out, I turn on the TV and the BBC is showing “Last Whites of the East End“. Despite being fully aware it would annoy me, I watched it. I’ve been trying to think of something to blog about, so here’s another blog about history.

According to the programme, “white British” people are leaving the East London and it’s the end of the “good old East End”. This needs serious unpicking.

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The tactics of Exit voting

This piece goes to the heart of the dilemma some anarchists are experiencing, which stems from the confusion between the balance of revolutionary opportunities, and the likely balance of political forces – the relative fortunes of parties and personalities. The latter is not something we should concern ourselves with. It’s all part of the ‘society of the spectacle’!

Ah, it appears to have been deleted.

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eu graph

For any readers missing the argument for a left exit vote in the coming referendum, here’s one I prepared earlier. In the EU’s rush to take austerity positions since 2008, the budget mechanisms of the EU have been reimagined and the Commission and the ECB have become devices for forcing cuts on the poorer European states. It is a condition of continued membership that budgets are submitted to the EU each year and there they are scrutinised to ensure a continuous process of cuts, privatisation and diminished collective bargaining. In Ireland, Greece and Spain, EU policies are leading to a rapid diminution of union bargaining, and if these are the worst affected, the direction of travel is the same all across the continent.

That said, while I can recognise that the left exit position can have a principled basis, it’s problem if anything is that it is too principled. I have yet to encounter a left exit argument which finds…

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Looking for hope or leadership and finding it only in Brexit. Isn’t much in evidence elsewhere

Looking for hope or leadership and finding it only in Brexit. Isn’t much in evidence elsewhere

From Kate Belgrave; we’d like to reblog it but it seems to be disabled.

A&E overloads and campaigns against closures – the NHS this week

Sentinel News

South Western Ambulance VX09FYPBy Richard Grimes


The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust has revealed plans to make savings of £15 million this year – with £10 million of that being cut from the staffing bill. Unions say that this could mean losing up to 290 staff posts.

Health chiefs want to axe 500 acute beds across north-west London to prevent a £1 billion overspend in health and social care in the next five years. The area has already seen the closure of two A&Es and a maternity unit under a separate shake-up, which continues next month with the closure of the paediatric department at Ealing hospital.

Fifteen young people have been waiting longer than 18 weeks to get help for mental health issues in the East Riding, including three who have been waiting longer than a year.

Two GP practices in Bradford will close in September.

Cambridge and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group…

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Forced to choose between a home and a job

Sentinel News

By Kate Belgrave

Homeless women with children end up in impossible situations when dumped in temporary housing miles from their jobs.

In this story, homeless mother of two Alicia Phillips explains how the housing crisis and an expensive commute from Boundary House – an isolated temporary accommodation hostel in Welwyn Garden City – are destroying her work and training options.

Alicia says that Waltham Forest Council told her she’d have to give up her job as a nursery nurse in London if the commute from Boundary House was too expensive and difficult.

This is how single mothers are punished in austerity. They’re put in single rooms in isolated temporary housing that is miles from any realistic sort of opportunity. They’re actively relegated to a poverty trap. So much for Stephen Crabb’s fantasies about the government’s commitment to getting women out of that trap.

Alicia, who has a daughter aged two…

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