How will £433 million Carers Act Implementation money be spent ?



The government’s future for Adult Social Care, is only residential, in whatever guise, supported/ independent living, or, care home.

Long term support in the family home, is made impossible by Local Authority budget cuts.

Servicing, all the disabled, in unaccountable, secret provision, behind the walls of the state has huge advantages.

And, adult services workers, need not be qualified social workers, after the enforcement of a placement, and Care Managers can oversee residential care.

The care model is simple; assessment, court enforcement, and, then private residential placements are overseen for life..

And, a similar model is adopted in Children’s Services, through adoption, fostering, and care homes.

It also, transfers billions of public money, into private business coffers, to boost the economy.

And, investors, gain a secure, reliable source of increasing government income.

The vulnerable, are now commodities, in our main growth industry, public welfare.

And, our government is determined to promote it.

But, civil liberties…

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