Fight Like a Girl

London Antifascists

Barely several hours into this year’s International Women’s Day and the far­-right were already coming out of the woodwork feigning recognition for the annual event. Could it be that they’ve ditched their ideological commitment to re­establishing patriarchy to become progressive advocates of women’s liberation? Or are they just opportunists cynically using women to push an agenda? Earlier that same week in a Facebook post, fascists North West Infidels (NWI), stated that the Suffragettes “fought and died” in vain while the Burka continues to be worn by Muslim women unchallenged in Great Britain.

NWI, like other far right groups, maintain the veil is “oppressive” and if women who cover up refuse to integrate then they should just “go back” to “the barbaric third world” where they came from. Worryingly, UKIP’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall, was also pushing the burka ban as his impassioned tweet demonstrated, appealing to a wider public.


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