Workers Expose Life in Lifeways Supported Living.


www-lifeways-co-uk‘The Lifeways Group has grown both organically and strategically to become the leading provider of support services for people with diverse and complex needs across the UK’

Omers,  bought Lifeways care  of 1500  learning disabled  adults, including  Thomas Rawnsley,  for £207 million  in 2013.

Ever greedy, for more profit, from the ‘care’ of our most vulnerable, the new owners Cambian, whose boss earns £450,000 a year, reduced support  workers’  pay, to below the minimum wage.

‘Supported Living’, is now, the only future for the autistic/learning disabled/or those with behavioural problems.

It is often enforced, in secret by the Court of Protection, under the Mental Capacity Act, as in the ‘best interests’ of its service users.

The only oversight of the service, is by the local authority, that commissioned it, and, occasional, usually announced visits, by CQC..

Service users, nor, their family, have any choice over this provision, and, effectively cannot complain.

And most are gagged by the…

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