Venture Capital NHS, Care Services, our most needy, feed our most greedy.

What seems to be going on is that as technology makes actual production less profitable and progressively devalues wage labour, those individuals found unsuitable for the extraction of surplus-value in the conventional way are becoming commodities, in fact raw material to new ‘industries’. These don’t produce anything of course, and the advantage to the bourgeoisie is that the raw material remains unchanged by the process.

Profit-making providers of health and social care, rehab, training, unpaid work placements and penal facilities all have a vested interest in holding back the ‘client’ who is of course nothing of the kind. Where the service is purely maintenance of the individual concerned, they seek to minimise the cost, whilst charging the maximum they can get from the taxpayer. Behind all this are people with company cars, plush offices, lunch accounts and all the bureaucrats, auditors and so on that goes with it. Charities are no exception to this, though some may be better than others. Care is strictly an obligation on the social organism, not a commodity, nor are the carers or their carees, but capitalism has made it so.



We think of our NHS, and Social Care, as a philanthropic safety net, for those, who need protection or help; the old, young, sick, vulnerable, and poor.

We do not think of the profit, that this unaccountable, monopolised service, of captive consumers represents.

But successive governments have.

Over the past 20 years, they have commoditised ‘need’, by pernicious ‘modernisation’.

The ‘modernisation’ of ‘Charity’, began with the Charities Act 2005, creating a politically controlled, all powerful, Charity Commission, enabling the restructuring of independent philanthropy, into ever larger, corporately run, political bodies.

The ‘modernisation’ of the NHS, by asset stripping, marketization costs under the Health and Social Care Act,private/public partnerships, healthcare consortiums, destructive targets, and ever tighter budgetary control.

The ‘modernisation’ of local authorities, by public/private partnerships, the amalgamation of health and welfare, into local health and social care trusts, mixing budgets, and roles.

Our government, is now fulfilling, the ultimate goal…

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