A working-class response to the EU referendum

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Cautiously pessimistic

I don’t think there’s much point in picking a side in the EU debate. It’s a referendum called by the Tories, and one that takes place entirely on their terms: there is no lesser evil to choose between Cameron and the international institutions that have imposed austerity across the continent on one hand, and Johnson, Gove, UKIP and the Taxpayers’ Alliance on the other.

When there are so many questions with clear right and wrong answers – should these people be evicted from their homes, should the government be able to impose this new contract on junior doctors, do you need and deserve a pay rise and so on – it seems a bit pointless to focus much attention on a choice between two different flavours of toxic waste. Any kind of positive response, anything that points to an actual improvement rather than just trying to slow down the rate…

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