On badgers and the Class War

still flying a black flag

In Somerset and Gloucestershire and more recently Dorset. Meles meles or the badger, one of our most enigmatic wild animals has been the subject of a heated and fierce war.
On one side you have the National Farmers Union, home to the wealthiest 18% of britain’s farmers, and the Countryside Landowners Association. In the other corner you have a ragtag band of aged rock stars, hunt saboteurs, anarchists, vegans, badger lovers and every major scientist who has expressed an opinion.

Now, I can’t speak for the rock stars, the hunt sabs, or even the normal people! But people have said why is an anarchist spending six weeks a year nocturnally,wearing a mask and trying to save badgers?

There is as ever a myriad of answers:

The badger cull is scientifically wrong. (So is homoeopathy and I’m not picketing Holland and Barrett anytime soon)

The badger cull won’t help Btb reduction…

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