Down from Dover: a reply on anti-fascism

Cautiously pessimistic

The article on antifascism Sabcat published the other week has now been redrafted and published on Roar Mag. The new draft is a lot stronger and has less to disagree with, which in some ways is a loss: for instance, the original piece had some quite sharp criticism of “no borders”/”refugees welcome” slogans, which has been dropped in the Roar version. The question of the relationship between anti-fascism, internationalism and the border crisis is an interesting one, and worth thinking through, but since the Roar version is presumably more of a finished piece than the Sabcat one, it’d feel like a bit of a cheap shot to have a go at something that’s been edited out. Anyway, a look at what the new piece actually says, and what my differences with it are:

One of the main points of the piece is that antifascists need to fully control the message…

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