Students for Palestine: Israeli Apartheid Week at the University of Southampton.

There will be two film screenings in building 2 room 1083:

Monday 22nd February 7pm. 5 Broken Cameras.

Friday 26th February 7pm. Kingdom of Women: Ein El-Hilweh.

There will be two talks in building 58 room 1009:

Tuesday 23rd February, 6.30pm, talk by Hazem Jamjoum. Hazem is a doctoral student in History and Middle East Studies at New York University and will be providing us with an historical over-view of Israel’s regime of apartheid over the Palestinian people from the late 19th century to the present.

Thursday 25th February, 6.30pm, a talk by David Cromwell. David is co-editor of Media Lense, a media analysis website which he set up in 2001 with David Edwards, and will be giving a talk on media bias, including Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians, foreign policy and the so-called “war on terror.” He will also be discussing what we can do to give the public a greater role in shaping new agendas and debate.

On Tuesday 8th March, 7pm, at Highfield Church Centre, there will be a short 30 minute film about the plight of the Christian Palestinian community in the Bethlehem and Hebron which will be followed by a short talk by Cathryn Spiller who will be running a half-marathon in aid of Amos Trust in Bethlehem in April.

A map of the Highfield Campus can be downloaded here

Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign





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