Keep Benefit Sanctions Out Of Healthcare, Protest This Week With Mental Health Resistance Network

“To be clear, anyone who uses the word ‘worklessness’ when they mean unemployment, is a cunt.”

the void

no-forced-treatmentYou might have thought that Thamesreach, as one of London’s largest homelessness charities, would be savage in their criticism of the current housing policies at the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).  You might have expected outrage at the extension of right to buy, the slashing of housing benefits and the decimation of council housing with secure tenancies and genuinely affordable rents.  You would have assumed, at the very least, they would have something to say about new rules being introduced which could see up to 95% of social housing sold in some boroughs.

Sadly however, Thamesreach have remained silent whilst the DCLG have gone about smashing up the social housing sector in London.  One reason for this compliance is likely to be the significant funding the department has given the charity to set up an Employment Academy in Southwark to combat so-called ‘worklessness’ amongst homeless people.

To be…

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