Fuck The Rich. Let’s Shut Down the Ripper Museum And Start Taking Our Communities Back

the void

class-war-ripper-protestThere is nothing that the grasping rich won’t try and turn into money.  Not one thing that is sacred, that can be left to just be, that is too treasured, or even horrifyingly grotesque, for capitalism to plunder.

Whether it’s our schools, or hospitals, our communities or our homes, the rich are always there, on the edges, looking for a way in.   When we walk down the street we see each other – we see human beings – but the monied entrepreneur class just see livestock, to be exploited in our work and fleeced in our play.  Even our triumphs are repackaged and sold back to us, as if the struggle for the vote, or against racism, the right to strike or popular protests were concepts invented by some Oxbridge twat with a clipboard and a second class marketing degree.

So it is no surprise that the murder of working…

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