We Like Our Syrians Dead: The British Left and David Cameron


This weekend anti war demonstrations have taken place all over Britain. Once again, Stop the War Coalition (StW), have chosen not to invite any Syrians to speak at their demonstrations, worried that this would “muddy the water” of their campaign. The self proclaimed leadership of the anti war movement have chosen to completely silence the actually existing Syrian revolutionaries, that are fighting a multi front war against regional powers, a fascist dictatorship and ISIS (Da’esh). Any Iranian who has criticisms of the Iranian regime would not be surprised by this; StW kept us off their platforms too. But this time there is a civil war going on, the present imperial order of the world is collapsing and the stakes are higher.

There are brown bodies and then there are brown bodies. There is the concept, the way it is played with in critical race theory and in radical politics to…

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