Support Protester Arrested at Stop Arming Israel DSEI Action. Friday 9th October.


On Monday 7th September there was an amazing mobilisation by a range of groups against the DSEI arms fair being held at the ExCel Centre in Newham.

Under the banner of ‘Stop Arming Israel’, protesters were calling for a two way arms embargo between the UK and Israel. They set up a mock pavilion, the ‘Israeli Pavilion of Shame’, to highlight the presence of a pavilion at the arms fair which showcased weapons ‘battle tested’ on Palestinians in Gaza.

During the course of the protest, there was a mass mobilisation that took over the street leading to the Excel Centre and successfully prevented an armored vehicle from entering there for over two hours. Numerous other vehicles destined for the arms fair were delayed or redirected.

There was only one arrest on the day. This brave woman will be making her first court appearance on Friday 9th October. She is charged with ‘criminal damage’ to the armoured vehicle!

Four other people arrested protesting the arms fair will also be appearing at court on the same day. Please come and support these brave people and the right to peacefully protest against the complicity of the UK government in facilitating arms to killer regimes, including the government of Israel.

09:15 Thames Magistrates Court, 58 Bow Road, London E3 4DJ  Facebook event

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