Another win for Dorset IWW

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

direct action

On a frosty Sunday January morning this year I was cycling to work and skidded on a patch of frost. I came off my bike and injured my shoulder. I phoned work immediately to tell them I wouldn’t make it to work.

The company I work for do pay limited sick pay after a years service and I was eligible for this. Imagine then my surprise to get my pay slip and find and entry logged as ‘Unauthorised abscence…-£53.99’.

I raised this with my boss. ‘Yeah but you only gave us 10 minutes notice he said you have to give us 2 hours if you’re going to report sick’.

‘Fuck that’ was the first thought that went through my mind but I knew that would be counter productive so I pointed out to my boss that my sick record was better than average and that I could hardly expect to…

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