Red & Black T.V. – Britain’s racist election.


Victory for Bridgwater Unite Refresco-Gerber Strikers!

The following message appears on Bridgwater Unite Community Facebook page:

Congratulations and solidarity to Bridgwater’s Gerber workers!

Please find below a message from the Unite Full-time Officer for Refresco-Gerber that celebrates a successful negotiated outcome to this long dispute. The March and Rally on Saturday 28th are now cancelled

“Hi Dave & Bridgwater Trades Union Council
The Strike at Refresco.Gerber has been called off. This is due to the Company agreeing in full to reinstate the Sick pay, remove the contentious shift pattern and reinstate the six months shift pay protection.
I thank you for all the time you have devoted to supporting the Industrial Action.
Thanks to all who gave their support!”

Behind The Benefit Bashing Headlines Lies A Nasty Ideology That Is Not Confined To The Daily Mail

the void

mustard-tree-protest A protest was held outside Manchester homelessness charity Mustard Tree yesterday over their involvement with workfare. (h/t @gajagwyn)

There was a time when policies to send sick or disabled claimants on workfare, or sanction the benefits of lone parents, would have been met with horror by the electorate.  There have always been grumblings about the social security system, as with any other institution, but unemployment was once seen as a personal tragedy caused by wider economic failings, not a personal failing caused by laziness or the wrong attitude.

This change in public opinion did not happen by accident.  Just like immigration can be used to whip up and divide sections of the population, so can the social security system.  The implanting of the idea that somebody is getting something you aren’t, even if this isn’t really true, is an age old technique.  The grass on the other side of the…

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Bridgwater Gerber/Unite dispute: March & Rally Saturday 28th March.

Gerber poster

Download poster pdf


Dilar Dirik is an activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement and a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department of the University of Cambridge. Below is her lecture at the 4th New World Summit entitled “Stateless Democracy: How the Kurdish Women’s Movement Liberated Democracy from the State.” Re-blogged from Kurdish Question

Callout for show of support on Thursday 9:30 am

Please get down there if you can, and stay in touch with the campaign.

Yorkley Court Community Farm

The date we have been given for when county court bailiffs will come to evict the farm is Thursday 26th March at 10am

We believe it is unlikely that they will actually try to evict on this day, but we expect they will at least show up.

It would be great if lots of people are outside the gate when they come, to show them how much support there is for the community farm.

Lets stand together to tell this property developer that he can’t profit at the expense of the local community.

Gather at 9:30 outside the gate with the tower.

Bring friends, banners, things to make music and noise.

We will provide tea and coffee, bring snacks to share.

Please spread the word, and hope to see you there!


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Roundup of a Crazy Weekend

Brighton Anti-fascists

This weekend has been very busy for antifascists around the country, with many demonstrations and some interesting (and worrying!) developments.

First off, SS wannabes National Action staged a “White Man March” in Newcastle. North East Antifascists, alongside London Antifascists and many other autonomous groups, confronted them and made sure they had a real shit time. Chants such as “Hitler was right!”, plus burning an LGBT and Israeli flag, got 9 of them (ie half of their demo) nicked for racial hatred. It ended with around 20 idiots standing protected by dozens of police, sieg heiling to an empty street. Well done guys, that was a major victory for the white race /sarcasm.

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