Police Intimidation on the #CroydonSouth Election Campaign – #VoteBigger

We don’t endorse engagement with the electoral process nor do we emphatically reject it. We must point out though, that any engagement – including spoiling – is a privilege denied to many, such as migrants, prisoners, the homeless, those on the run from debt collectors, domestic violence or the state. All of of whom will be at the mercy of whatever bunch of crooks and charlatans form the next government.

Trade Onion by Jon Bigger

Just imagine if the cops followed all the election candidates around in order to intimidate them. Today in Purley a small band of Class War agitators were out and about supporting me in my legitimate electioneering. Constantly followed by four uniformed cops on foot and a van with approximately eight more they numbered more than we did. In fact there were two vans when we started our campaigning outside Tesco. What was our crime?

20150328 Purley Cops2

We were giving out leaflets. OK the leaflets had “Class War” written on them and my mugshot which might have been a danger to public order but they were just leaflets. When Chris Philp or Emily Benn hand out leaflets do they get followed like this? What can it mean other than intimidation?

20150328 Purley Cops3

What do the authorities fear so much about me standing in the election that they feel the need to get so many officers…

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