Pubs to avoid: Prince of Wales, St Mary’s Street, Cardiff, welcomes fascists and turns away the opposition.

Prince of Wales, J.D. wetherspoon

Prince of Wales in St Mary’s Street, Cardiff welcomes fascists.

Locals who turned out to defend Cardiff city centre against racists on Saturday were astonished to find a dozen of them drinking in the Prince of Wales pub at 81-83 St Mary’s Street. Tel: 029 2064 4449 facebook The J.D. Wetherspoon house refused service to a group of antifascists, had them ejected by police and threatened with arrest, the police proceeded to bar entry to anyone from the counter-demo, insisting it was the pub’s decision to serve fascists only!

Fascist pub in Cardiff.

Fascists take refuge in the ‘spoons.

The fascists had originally planned to drink in O’Neills, but the pub wouldn’t have them. They left the Prince of Wales and environs festooned with National Front stickers. J.D. Wetherspoon feedback

The Welsh Alliance, formerly the Welsh defence league, is a small far-right coalition of E.D.L. type ‘patriots’ and people who would have had us on the other side in World War Two. Their facebook page asked marchers to ‘leave the racist banners at home’ which gives a good idea of the kind of support they were counting on. Pippen/turnernicked

Well known neo-Nazi Luke Pippen AKA earl Turner (facebook page) associated with blood and honour and the National Front, was arrested within minutes for threatening behaviour.

On the day 30 or so assorted fascists appropriated a miscellany of national symbols including the Welsh and British flags, the ubiquitous crusader banner and what looked like a Swedish one and tried to march to the City Hall. Their route was effectively blocked by Welsh Antifa and others. The were diverted by police through the park to an area between the police station and the Crown Court, a venue doubtless familiar to them. Here they made their speeches to an audience consisting entirely of police and antifascists.

Independent reports:

Wales Online

Daily Wales

Let’s get this straight: we’re sick of licencees bleating that they have been pressured by the police or the council to host fascists for whatever bogus reason. We don’t give a damn whether they are fascist sympathisers, too greedy to turn down the money, too spineless to stand up to the cops, too ignorant to understand the issues, or otherwise. Fascists are the enemy of the working class and so is anyone who gives comfort to them. No one is forced to open their doors to these people; you can shut and give your staff the day off. you have no right to compromise their health and safety by exposing them to this abomination. If any of them refuse to work under such conditions we will back them to the hilt, with direct action as necessary.


This is what we’re up against, no platform, no quarter.


  1. What a bigoted view of what happened the welsh alliance came down to protest against child grooming/ shariah law and had so many opposing groups!!and the word racist is a silencing technique, was used by white liberalsl to silence 1400 children
    THE UAF were present remember lee rigby, well his murderer was a avid speaker/member in the UAF, he also gave a speech after 9/11, GOOD on you prince of wales for not having anything to do with Uaf
    Lee rigby rest in peace


    • No, the word racist is used specifically to refer to people who are racist, like the national front and the british movement who were kind enough to confirm this by leaving behind stickers bearing the ‘white pride’ symbol. If you associate with Nazis, you will be tarred with the same brush, and any opinion or analysis you may have to offer is likely to be disregarded by serious folk.


    • I don’t normally bother to speak to ignorant c**ts but I will this time. Aside from your entirely warped view of the threat of sharia law ever effecting you, which it never will. I AM ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS you even dare associate lee rigbys name with british fascism. His family have suffered endless pain at the appropriation of his name by fascists and have released numerous statements saying that any assosiation is reprehensible to them. You disgust me


      • And the ripping up of his wreath by the uaf and muslims? you are furious I think the whole of Britain is more furious, we don’t tolerate Nazis with their supremacist doctrine and their use of violence, but you tolerance muslims attacking young cadets selling poppies, war veterans…I disgust you, I think the anti fascist disgusted the whole of Britain destroying flowers laid for him yesterday, if your against racism, then its all racism…you cant pick and choose…IGNORANCE IS BLISS BUT ITS STILL IGNORANCE!!


      • We don’t claim to speak for any of those groups, we’re class struggle anarchists. We think religion is stupid, and political parties, and patriotism, so you can all fuck off. We’ll do without your flags, jackboots, wars and gas chambers, thanks.


      • Nice reply Sussex like I thought a bunch of bully boys who scream racist at everyone
        The gas chambers nice one given the fact I am jewish
        1440 children were groomed and best you can do is boycott a pub
        You lot sicken and disgust the British public to the core


      • The far right has always had its fair share of nonces, probably more than the national average.


  2. and they left for their demo from oneils, see wales online for pics
    Clearly didnt want the Uaf there, in case of another soilder attack


    • Actually O’Neill’s had stated on Friday night that they did not want the nazis in their pub and took on extra door staff to keep them out. Unfortunately the racists got in the pub before the door staff started work and apparently the bar staff felt intimidated by their presence. Indeed after the pathetic little nazi demo O’Neill’s refused to allow the thugs back into their pub which is the reason that they went over the road to the Prince of Wales – with police protection. I don’t know what the cops were thinking, none of these nazis were local and they should have been shipped straight out of Cardiff as soon as their furtive little rally was over with.


  3. I was one of the antifascists turned away from the bar the nazis were standing next to. The police said the pub did not want to serve us. I challenged this and said the police had no right to turn us away. The police were very clear that this pub is a private business and they had the right to decide who they wanted to serve. They called the manager over and he confirmed it was his decision not to serve us.


  4. The pub the police suddenly forced to host the EDL last year in Birmingham with no notice, was chosen again before their demo this year, by the police, because it was big enough and in a convenient location to keep them contained. The pub again protested vehemently, but in the end, due to a mixture of reasoning that it would contain the EDL and I suspect, strong arming by the police, they agreed to do it again. This year, as last year, they respected the decision of any of their staff who wanted to stay away and paid all proceeds to a Muslim charity and Help for Heroes.

    Your comment says no quarter, but I think the police’s solution and the pub’s worked in this case.


    • Our view remains the same. Close the pub, walk away, if it is actually possible for the police to force anyone to work, the fascists are already in power. After you in the gas chamber mush.

      The state has no solution to fascism because it is an inevitable outgrowth of the class system that the state exists to preserve, with its imperialist wars, its manipulation of economic migration and moral panics used to divide workers on the basis of culture or ethnicity. All this is to maintain markets – differentials in prices and wages across artificial borders that allow the bourgeoisie to take a cut out of everything we do. Fascists are the pawns in this game; like ‘Islamic extremists’ they are both the creation of, and a reaction to, the adventurism of western capital.

      The state will never allow fascism to die out. It’s up to the working class to clean up its own mess.


    • The pub management should have the principles and the guts to stand up to the police and refuse to let these people in. One of the few things worse than a nazi is a nazi tanked up on booze.


  5. Reblogged this on UK AKTION.


  6. Response from Spoons

    Dear Mr Davies

    Thank you for your web form and for sending us the link to the article.

    We can confirm that there was a scheduled WVF (Welsh Volunteer Force) demonstration in the city centre of which the police and pub were aware. No identifiable members of the WVF were present in the pub on this day.
    A small group from an organisation not known to the police or the pub did however enter the premises causing a disturbance. This group were immediately evicted from the premises by the police.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

    Yours sincerely

    Nicola Eyers
    JD Wetherspoon plc


    • Thir response is dishonest. They say there were no nazis in there to their knowledge. Er, well who were the thugs at the bar drinking with police protection then? And by the people who were evicted for causing a disturbance, they probably mean us – the “disturbance” in question meaning asking for a drink at the bar and then questioning quite politely why we were refused service and told to leave.

      Spoons have succeeded in getting TripAdvisor to depublish a number of “not very good at all” reviews of the Prince of Wales that were submitted and published earlier in the week. They removed their own reviews section on the PoW FB page because of all the negative reviews flying in there once they realised they didn’t have enough staff and friends to match us with false positive reviews. Presumably they are trying to get FB to remove those as well

      On a more positive note, this article was posted on the Cardiff Anarchist Network page and has been shared 134 times to date and had 33.760 views which is unprecedented as far as I’m aware …. even nazis have been proudly sharing it, ensuring that the pub’s humiliation is more complete than we could have achieved by ourselves.

      But it looks like some more direct action against this establishment may be necessary!!!


      • It has indeed been our most popular blog post to date, the second place going to the ‘friends of golden dawn’ one. So as long as we’re getting up the noses of fascists and those who tolerate them, we’re doing it right.


  7. Perhaps there should be some sort of CAMRA database of Real Fash Pubs so that we know where to avoid leaving our money.


    • Good point, I doubt CAMRA would appreciate the connection to the foes our grandfathers fought, pint of Spitfire anyone?


  8. Comment by wessexsolidarity on November 11, 2014 11:08 pm

    We don’t claim to speak for any of those groups, we’re class struggle anarchists. We think religion is stupid, and political parties, and patriotism, so you can all fuck off. We’ll do without your flags, jackboots, wars and gas chambers, thanks.

    *****Well firstly great comment on the gas chamber, I am Jewish and you lot branding a group of marchers “NAZIS” you really have no idea….Shouting Nazi/ gas chambers to a jewish person, only shows what a bunch of bigoted left wingers you really are…..


    • ‘Nazi’ is a contraction of National Socialist, the name of the ruling party in Germany between 1933 and 1945, The words national socialism can be clearly seen on one of the stickers pictured above, removed from outside the Prince of Wales after the Nazi march. Your religion is no concern of ours, your incitement of hatred against other religions, for whatever reason, will be opposed.


      • My hatred of other religions, I hate no religion so stop putting words in my mouth
        Nazi March it was a MArch against paedophiles so anyone who objects to paedophiles is a Nazi I would call them a nonce
        Incitement of hatred I was shopping in the high street
        I witnessed this and I no Antifa or no ufa
        I am a person in the street shopping with my daughter and as soon as my daughter heard Ufa was there she said oh god lets go bunch of thugs
        But you in your great wisdom support them
        1400kids were groomed and your response oh lets boycott spoons
        Your thugs went into spoons to cause trouble and they were removed
        Good on spoons


      • Appeasing Islamic Fascism

        The UAF is endorsed by, and operates in cooperation with, the Muslim Council of Britain.

        In response to perceived ‘negative’ attitudes towards Islam, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain (Mohammad Abdul Bari)
        is reported to have threatened: ”If that demonisation continues, then Britain will have to deal with two million Muslim terrorists – 700,000 in
        London” . This, presumably, is the basis on which ‘respect’ is to be gained.

        Perhaps the UAF need to consider the following report: ”Chief among these is the Muslim Council of Britain, whose leadership has established sympathies for the Jamaat-i-Islami in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Both the Brotherhood and the Jamaat believe in the creation of an Islamic state and the establishment of Sharia law.” It should also be noted that the rise of the Muslim Council of Britain (under Iqbal Sacranie) can be traced to the ‘Satanic Verses’ affair, and the support given to the book-burning and the raising of afatwah for the murder of the author Salman Rushdie. In 1989 Iqbal Sacranie said “death was perhaps too easy” for the writer .

        The Chairman of the UAF is Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London. It is worth recalling Mr. Livingstone’s previous willingness to entertain members of Sinn Fein at the height of the murderous bombings in London by the IRA. What should we therefore conclude, in the light of the ‘terrorism’ comments by Mohammad Abdul Bari and the Rushdie fatwa, with the keenness with which the UAF seeks MCB endorsement and collaborative support for its hate mongering activities?
        So slate the national front..and support Islamic terrorists????


  9. For the nth time, we are not UAF, and we are not religious, we’re anarchists, look it up.


    • Quite well aware what a antiarchist is,But are you clear on what a racist is, it isn’t racist to want justice for groomed children.neither is it racist not to want terrorism on our streets.
      These opposing groups apply the same tactics as the Nazis opposing free speech, given the fact that the very people they are defending made up for 2 out of the 8 SS divisions of Hitlers SS, Handschar Waffen SS
      So for opposing groups to run around chanting “Nazis” is to me laughable
      The bottom line is once a student, or anyone adopts the thelogy of leftism, he or she doesn’t need to offer arguments or even think for themselves.
      The very fact he has adopted Marxist/leftish theology they no longer needs to do any hard work research wise
      All they think they need to do is learn some jargon/racist/islamophobe/Nazi
      Any one who think any different must be racist or fascists


  10. Yes they were welsh, didn’t u know? With all the crap you put on these pages you would pretty much believe anything…


    • Hate to drop this bomb shell on you…but in spoons over last week saw several supporters that you so fiercely defended drinking!! I kid you there’s you boycotting spoons and they are all drinking in there…class act. Truth always comes out in the end…
      My work here is done, but I always like to see it till the end….
      I think your being played for a “useful idiot” bless
      Always research and double check, mind u the ale was cheap…


      • Thought you were just shopping? Truth always comes out in the end.


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  13. […] The dark side of Wetherspoons surfaced in Cardiff last weekend, at the Prince of Wales 81-83 St Mary’s Street Tel: 029 2064 4449, opening a heated debate on their business practices. The disgrace of out of town fascists drinking with police protection in the main city centre pub whilst the overwhelmingly local antifascists were refused service or barred entry was followed by frantic buck-passing between the licensee and the police, each blaming the other for the decision. Had they done this anywhere but South Wales, with its proud Working Class antifascist traditions, they may well have got away with it. The fascists are now gloating on the internet that Wetherspoons is theirs, but are there enough fascist sympathisers in Cardiff to keep the Prince of Wales open? […]


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