UKIP upstaged in Bournemouth.

Bloody UKIP, coming over here, taking our shops!

This afternoon UKIP opened one of their weird ‘shops’ in Pokesdown, Bournemouth, they already have one up the road in Parkstone and another in Christchurch, the bloody things are springing up all over the place. This in itself is strange; since when have political parties needed shops? they don’t sell anything, apart from purple balloons so who pays the rent? If Farage is such a man of the people. where does his lavish funding come from?

As expected we found a cluster of blokes in stripey ties and blazers looking as if they’d stepped into a time warp about 1956, some protesters, press, and a plod film crew. Some chinless twit was running back and forth telling people he isn’t racist. To our surprise, UKIP’s neighbours across the road, Dorset Tech, had also decided to throw an opening party at the same time, with a healthy sound system, wine, lager, biscuits and crisps, a Pride banner for a tablecloth and the window decorated with flags of all nations. Their shop isn’t actually open yet, but will have a film and photographic studio and graphic design facilities. They are looking for creative partners to help get off the ground and will give advice free of charge, nice people.


We didn’t bother taking a picture of the UKIP shop, they all look the same to us.

The snacks and rather fabulous soundtrack attracted more passers-by than did UKIP and interesting discussions were had. The jollity was still in full swing when the reactionaries all left for a £12.50 a head tea-party with upper-class spiv Neil Hamilton, (cash for questions) whose unsuccessful libel case against Mohammed-al-Fayed was bankrolled by a cartel of far-right millionaires. Colourful Bournemouth con-man and convicted paedophile Peter Hamilton-Harvey was also present..

In the past year the EDL have latched on to UKIP, having always lacked a political platform it has provided them with some stock explanations for their xenophobia. South coast fascists have taken to shadowing UKIP, and trying to intimidate the tail end of lefty protests, especially Gaza solidarity events, see the Post below. Incredibly six blokes believe they can look tough by attacking three women after a demo from which they have just fled. Sure enough a couple of local boneheads were observed skulking around the periphery, but with no opportunities for mischief, they buggered off early.


  1. What 3.5 people at your shop (a 0.5 without a say in going there) while UKIP had over 100 at their little event – excluding gate crashers! Is that why you don’t show a photo of their shop?


    • I don’t understand the first bit, but there wasn’t anyone at your shop when I took that mush. You’d all gone off hours before with the crooks, the eddles and the child molester. You never had more than 30, even counting the cops, maybe you’re seeing double, ease up on the gin.


    • good point i don’t think this wessex solidarity have much support as i have seen there stickers all over parkstone then the next day they are ripped down when i asked people what this group was they told me that it was a neo communist hate group i didn’t believe this statement so i decided to do some research and found out that in fact this small group that seem to to have a hatred other groups from expressing there views i should think because of there unlike of freedom of speech this comment will be deleted then i will receive a load of abuse


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  3. Hi, The ”Chinless twit” is me – Do you actually know me ? £15 a head ? – No, £12.50 a head for a great afternoon with refreshments and people from many walks of life and ages, this is for funding so that the party can advance and support itself.
    Next time, We will interrogate people at the door before we let them in, and maybe invest in a crystal ball as well, so we know if an unsavoury person is on the way to the event ! – Nobody even knew that the man was a child molestor (I hate the word pedophile), or even who he was, he was a random stranger !.
    It sounds cliche and corny, but I am a proud member of UKIP, am openly gay, passionately support gay marriage and have had relationships with people of other ‘races’ . So, how am I xenophobic or a twit I ask you ? XX


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