Quick Report From Sunday/Monday

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

Well there’s not a lot to be said about what happened in Brighton at the March for England, other than ‘We told you so”. Mainstream media put the MfE march numbers at about 100 with about 1000 anti-fascists screaming at them to fuck off and die. During the march groups of Antifascists from various AFN groups flushed out fascists hiding in pubs waiting to pick people off. There’s a few good reports knocking about, as usual we’d suggest checking out Schnews, Reel News, or AFN. As far as our local’s are concerned, we are pleased to announced nobody from Portsmouth Antifascists got nicked – Unfortunately for the fascist scum they can’t say the same. A 45 year old man from Pompey was nicked (more info needed on this) along with a 39 year old man from Fareham  and a 21 year old also from Pompey – both…

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