Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

Tonight (Wednesday), around 20 members of the Portsmouth English Defence League (EDL) held a flashmob across the road from the Jami Mosque in Southsea.

Portsmouth Antifascists were alerted to their presence at around 7.40pm.  Word was spread and Antifascists quickly assembled outside the mosque, peaking at 22.

The racists held a number of St. George EDL flags and a home-made banner which read, “Terrorists are being radicalised here”

This refers to a recent story of a Southsea man who travelled to Syria to fight, joining groups linked to Al-Qaeda.

EDL members tried to cross the road and confront those defending the mosque but were talked back by police.

By 9pm, The EDL numbers had dwindled to 12 while the antifascists stayed roughly consistent.  They left chanting towards a local pub.

After the relative implosion of the EDL, it is interesting to note that the Portsmouth group are still using…

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