Bournemouth needs you! BHSTOPEDL

Following the recent disgraceful fascist manifestation in Charminster Road and dark mutterings on the eddles farcebook pages about “taking back Charminster” and other such delusional nonsense, some humans in Bournemouth have produced this friendly leaflet.


BHSTOPEDL can be contacted here: Download flyer here: A4        2xA5


East End: Always Anti-Fascist

Anti-Fascist Network

Brilliant to see thousands turn out yesterday to tell the EDL to fuck off once again from London. They had a shit turnout, no local support and didn’t go where they wanted. Many hundreds joined the AFN in a bold attempt to block the EDL’s route, despite massive police odds – and we came pretty close. Insane policing resulted in 286 anti-fascist arrests, mostly from the AFN bloc. But we won’t let arrests deter us from physically confronting the racists. The EDL draw their power from the streets and that is where we have to confront them, despite the risks. Nothing can take away from the absolutely fantastic comrades who stood defiant and proud against the EDL.

Great solidarity shown with prisoner support at police stations across London throughout the night and from GBC / LDMG. If you were arrested or witnessed arrests or police abuse, write it down while…

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Bridgwater Summer 2013 Royal Mail-CWU dispute Final meeting! Sunday 8th September 2013.

5pm, Sunday 8th September Blake Arms, 9 Penel Orlieu, TA6 3PF

The final meeting of our dispute is open to all Bridgwater CWU members, families, and ALL our supporters. It is intended to achieve three things:

1. A full discussion, with guest speakers, as to what the future holds for us, locally and nationally
2. The final donation per striker from the dispute fund-a tangible thanks to all of us who remained steadfast
3. A chance for us to thank all those local friends, families, as well as CWU members and other trades unionists from further afield

We have sustained what is possibly-that epic Burslem struggle apart- the longest and most bitter official strike in a Royal Mail Delivery Office for 20 years. We owe a huge debt to all those who have supported our picket lines and dispute fund, without which we would probably have been defeated by our determined and powerful employer. This is our last chance to thank those supporters personally, so please do your best to attend a memorable occasion!

Definitely undefeated!

Dave Chapple 0777 6304 276 E-mail

“Definitely undefeated!” Bridgewater dispute final press release.

After nine days of strike action postal workers at the Royal Mail Delivery Office in Friarn Street Bridgwater have voted to end their summer-long dispute about oppressive managers and working conditions.

This follows a mass meeting of workers last night where a proposed agreement was endorsed by a 3:1 majority.

Bristol CWU Branch Secretary David Wilshire said:

“Following lengthy and difficult negotiations an agreement has been accepted that places the Union back at the centre of all decisions that are made in Royal Mail Bridgwater. Crucially it states that future changes will not be made until agreement is reached. In addition Royal Mail must realise that unless the management of the office seriously improves in the near future more disputes are inevitable.”

On the basis of the vote taken yesterday evening the planned week of strike action that was scheduled to take place for a week commencing 9 September 2013 has been cancelled.

Dave Chapple, Bristol CWU Branch Chair and Bridgwater Rep said:

“110 postmen and women have sustained what is possibly – that epic Burslem struggle apart – the longest and most bitter official dispute in a Royal Mail Delivery Office for 20 years. What were we up against? First, up to 150 Royal Mail managers breaking our every picket line; second, our so-called free country’s laws that makes solidarity strikes illegal. Had it not been for the amazing financial support from CWU Branches and other trades unionists nationwide, we would have struggled. Thanks to all those who supported us, we remain defiant and definitely undefeated!”


For further information please contact :

David Wilshire on 07909 525740

or Dave Chapple on 0777 6304 276  E-mail