Supporting the IWW Uganda wobblies to organise:

After the successful working class organizers’ training in Uganda last month (see pitch photos, video clips as well as in gallery section of this campaign) by two members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) from USA and Germany,the motivation has compelled the Uganda IWW members and other members of the working class to carry out other series of same training.

This comes at the same time when there is a nationwide strike of teachers under their umbrella Union,Uganda National Teachers’ Union(UNATU) some of whom are IWW Uganda members

In order to do more successful organization there is need for; traveling, training sessions, radio programmes and announcements, distribution of the IWW materials and other working class educational materials,leafleting,banners and other forms of organizing facilitations.

Therefore the Uganda IWW needs your support in form of contribution to this campaign.

We need to raise at least United Stated Dollars(USD) eight hundred($800) to carry out the above mentioned activities and pay for costs of the mentioned services and goods/materials.

Support the campaign here: Also share and refer others to this campaign.

An injury to one is an injury to all. Contact us at:

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