Welcome To Southampton AntiFA

Welcome Southampton!


Southampton has a proud anti-fascist history; on this day in 1937 Oswald Moseley and his Nazi-admiring blackshirts were chased from Southampton Common under a rain of bottles and bricks. A collection of thousands of trade unionists, families and above all ordinary working class people sent them hastily up The Avenue and out of our town; they never came back.

On the 76th anniversary of this often forgotten event, we would like to announce the formation of Southampton Anti-Fascist Action (SAFA); a local, democratic and completely autonomous group of people who are committed to fighting fascism and racism in all its guises. This must include educational campaigns and open debate as well as direct and uncompromising physical resistance; we would rather the likes of the EDL or BNP never again found people susceptible to their message but if they do we will be there to stop them peddling their hate.

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