Patriot or Traitor?…You decide!

This cunt still lives round here, keep an eye on him and let us know what he’s up to.

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

So the small group of career criminals who run the various Portsmouth EDL pages have gone all out to capitalise on the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, to try and brainwash those upset about what happened into blaming all Muslims for the acts of a couple of extremists. Portsmouth EDL died a death a couple of years back as people woke up to the fact that the organisers are nothing more than extremist hate preachers themselves. So lets have a look at them! Here’s a guy well known to police (one conviction for racially aggravated harassment & one for inciting racial hatred…brave!) Introducing possibly Portsmouth EDL’s biggest traitor Jacob ‘Chubzy’ Hyland..

Shame of Pompey

What most people will find confusing is that Jacob, like the rest of the dimwits heading up Portsmouth EDL calls himself a patriot, maybe he means a German patriot, in 1939. The facts speak for themselves so make up…

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