Guilt by association


  1. Hello. I don’t mean to barge in here, but if I were you I would be a bit more circumspect and not so quick to brush off the brutal decapitation and disembowelment of a poor man who never lifted a finger against anybody. It is possible that you are misconstrueing the reaction to this event as well – accusing people of being fascists and what not. Perhaps you are painting them with the same broad stokes you decry when it comes to your “friends” or rather the enemy of your enemy….
    Thank you


  2. Have you actually read the post? Read it again. If you take your head out of your arse you will notice well-known fascist groups mobilising all over the country to take advantage of this unfortunate man’s death. Sadly such brutal murders are not unusual, but fascist gangs and their fellow travellers running around our city centres in such numbers has not been seen for years. Ask yourself if these are the people you want controlling your life because they are not likely to ask for your opinion.


    • Fair enough, thank you for your time and the kind reply. I re-read it and read some more of your stuff and think about it. I should tell you I actually live in Boston not the UK.


      • Ok Barry, thanks for your interest, we do report on international matters as well, but this isn’t purely a British problem, we just happen to be bearing the brunt at the moment.


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