Newcastle Prepares to Counter the EDL

Anti-Fascist Network

Anti-fascists in Newcastle are gearing up for a stream of human filth to trickle through the streets on May 25th when the EDL hold a national demo in their town. The EDL demo’s ain’t what they used to be, but it’s fair to say that about 300 hardcore hangers on and racists will probably show up to get pissed in a moving police kettle. As usual they are relying on the travelling support of far right extremists from all over the country. The pic below shows Southwest Frontline Firm’s current page banner. The people in  SWFF are the exact same people on the southwest EDL pages. It’s like each member has their own group –

You can’t get much further away from the north east then erm…the south west!! Sitting in a car for 6 hours each way is not how most normal people would like to spend their weekend, but hey…

Things are…

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